Sunday, November 30, 2008

Feather Fan Process

Here is a short explanation of the process for making a Flat Feather Fan.

Take a Cedar board, 3 Inches wide by 1 inch thick and mark a pattern on it as shown in photo.

Next step is to cut the pattern out and then using a wood rasp and files, shape it, then sand smooth.

Next step is to cover it with soft thin leather to bead on.

I then use a beading stitch called "Peyote Stitch" which consists of anchoring the first bead on

the string to the leather, after which you skip a bead and add a bead till you get all the way around.

After that you add a bead every time you come to a lower bead at a time and create your pattern by count.

I will add Photographs as the beading progresses and until the Fan is completed.

It takes about two to three weeks of beading to complete the handle.

See below examples of the layout of the handle, shape of handle, and beading.

Example of Handle Layout

Handle Cut Out , Shaped and Sanded

Example Of Beaded Lower Part Of Handle

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Elisabeth said...

Nice work, as always.