Monday, November 3, 2008

Powwow Drum

"Eagle Thunder Drum"
Close up of carved Eagle head

This was a long dreamed about project,one I just had to do.

I had wanted to build a big powwow drum for many years and decided this year was the time.

I made the frame from Cedar boards that I cut and shaped and beveled so that they would complete a circle of 37 inches across and bisket jointed them together with glue and biskets.

The frame is 37 inches across and 14 inches deep. I covered both top and bottom with tightly stretched Buffalo (American Bison) rawhide and used buffalo rawhide lacing that I cut to bind the top and bottom hides together and let it dry. I also built a hanging frame out of Cedar and put ropes through the drum frame to hang on the frame, and hand carved Eagle heads on top of each of the 4 points of the hanging frame.

This drum I call "Eagle Thunder" because of the carved Eagle heads and the drums voice of thunder.


Light and Voices said...

Never have I seen such a spectacular drum. We live near an Indian Reservation up in Wisconsin and their ceremonial drums are nothing like this. All I have to say is WOW, I am speechless.

Rebecca Anne said...

Oh wow, that drum is amazing! I can only imagine what it sounds like when someone who knows what they are doing plays it. Thank you for sharing this link with me because I did miss this!