Thursday, November 13, 2008

Red Tail Hawk

Red Tail Hawk

I have a Red Tail Hawk friend that I love to see and call too. He used to come around often and I could even walk up under the tree he was sitting in and talk to him and he would listen and look intently at my every word. Something or someone has frightened him sometime within the last three years, for I can no longer walk up anywhere close to him now, so every time I see him in the two main trees here that he sits in I try to get close enough to get a few good pictures of him.

Because of his now shyness I can't get real close to get a good picture, so I purchased a nice 70-300mm lens with VR and can get a fairly decent shot that I can zoom up on and crop in Photo Shop.

I will put a few photographs in of him sitting in the Black Walnut tree first and him flying from there to the big Tulip Popular tree across the road and sitting in it and then flying off.

My lady Elisabeth and I have a good laugh every now and then at his so called Game of eluding me when I get the camera out to take his picture.

The Hawk is one of the hardest birds of prey to photograph because they are very wary of most humans, but my love of Hawks keeps me trying.

Sitting In Black Walnut Tree

Leaving Walnut Tree

Heading For Tulip Popular Tree

Arrived At Tulip Popular Tree

Switching To A Different Branch

Checking Me Out

OK I Am Out Of Here

Gone Hunting


Judith HeartSong said...

I love hawks... all kinds. The birds of prey are very dear to me on an emotional level, and every time I see them I have to stop everything to speak to them and honor them.

When I was a teenager in Pennsylvania there were cliffs that I would climb up, and I would lay with my back on the warm stone and the hawks would circle not 20 feet above me, and I would watch their flight in wonder.

Thank you for sharing these pictures.

Light and Voices said...

Love your Red Tail Hawk study with pictures and words.
I too honor hawks.

MariesImages said...

WOnderful capture!! Last February I hung out by the Hudson River waiting to capture some eagles. I did see them but even my 300 mm lens was not strong enough.
There is always this winter...Ü