Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Christmas Lights"

Christmas Lights 2008

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Just down the road from where we live, there is a man that puts out
an amazing array of lights and decorations every year and allows
people to drive through his property to view all his decorations
which are all over his rather large property, all free of charge.

I decided to go down and set up my camera on a tripod in the field across the road
from his property and take a few photographs when it got dark tonight.

Here is one of the shots I took just at dark, while I could still see just a little to walk in the
field across the road from this display.

I used my Nikon D50 SLR camera, with a 55-200mm lens and set the camera on Manual setting, Bulb, F16 and held the shutter for 15 seconds.

This was an experiment, as I had never taken any photographs in the dark .
I believe it came out pretty good . Next time I may try the 18-55 lens and see how it comes out.


Light and Voices said...

Looks like your first time shooting at night was a success story. YEA for you!

Elisabeth said...

Very nice...Where are the elves hiding? :-)

MariesImages said...

Niiiiiiiiiiice! Great job!
Your neighbor did a great job too!

Connie said...

Absolutely beautiful.
Christmas lights are hard to photograph.You did a good job

Jill Marie said...

I just found your journal by way of the community photo challenge. Nice picture...I can't wait to get out and try taking some night shots. It's been years since I've spent much time taking pictures of anything other than my children.

I have to tell you, I LOVE the music on your blog. I could feel my heart "warm up" (don't know if that makes any sense or not) and just felt very touched by it.

Your artwork is very beautiful. I'm sure I'll be back again and again.

Vicki said...

Bob, wow--your neighbor certainly does put on an impressive display and you did a great job capturing it. Lovely entry.

Anonymous said...

They did very good with the lights. I have seen alot of peoples lights on their houses and they all did so good but his is the best that I have seen. You also did good taking the picture :)

madcobug said...

You did great, a beautiful shot. I loved you gourd are. Helen