Saturday, November 8, 2008

Red Tail Hawk Fan

Front View

Back View

Close Up of Beading

This is another Flat Feather Fan that I just finished today.

I used 10/0 glass seed beads on this fan also and used Red Tail Hawk feathers (painted because you can't sell the Real ones) and beaded the entire handle in patterns of my own design. I used white tanned Deer leather for the trailers on the end of the handle.

The calculated number of beads it took to do this project was also 4,285 beads and it took me Three weeks to bead it and one day to install the feathers.

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Light and Voices said...

Miss Kitty didn't even play with one bead? I would have lost count after using all my fingers and toes. Congratulations on doing such a nice fan.