Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Finished Buffalo Bone Gourd Rattle

I am posting photos of the finished Buffalo Bone Gourd Rattle.

A photograph of the whole rattle finished, a photo of a close up of the beading on the front part of the handle, a photo of a head on look at the rattle and finally a photo of the beading at the rear of the handle( note: the four zig-zag colored lines you see are the Apache colors for the Four Directions).

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Another Update on Gourd rattle

Here are some more pictures showing the progress in the making a Gourd Rattle using a Buffalo Hump Bone as the handle.

The following pictures show the Gourd part of the rattle which will be inserted into the Bone handle, after the handle is beaded.

I beaded a portion of the Gourd for decoration and also drew on and then wood burned in my version of "The Four Directions" which I then colored with paint and sealed with Lacquer.
I also removed the pencil lines you see on the outer boarder of the Four Direction to simplify the design, as I remembered a saying that Elisabeth told me , it is called "Kiss" meaning "Keep it simple Stupid" a good saying to keep the Artist in reasonable check so as not to get too complicated in an effort to achieve perfection.

Note: I used 11/0 Delica glass seed beads on this Gourd Rattle.

Update on Buffalo bone Rattle

Here is the latest update on the making of a Gourd Rattle using the Buffalo (American Bison) Hump Bone for the handle.

I am including two pictures of the Bone Handle, in which I inlayed a diamond shaped piece of real Turquoise, into each side of the bone.

I also capped the end of the bone with a nice piece of Turquoise that I cut and polished.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Using Everything

Buffalo Hump Bones

The Traditional Native American way was to live as one with Nature and that all animals winged and four legged are our brothers.

A hunter would go out seeking an animal for food and would ask that animal for forgiveness for killing it, at the same time thanking it for it's gift of life to feed our bodies and clothe us and provide shelter. All of the animal was used, meat, bones, hide, hair, for either food or hides for clothing and shelter even the bones as tools or as something to be decorated.

With this way of living and respect and honor for our brother the Buffalo (American Bison) I use every part of the animal that I can and on this project I am using a Hump Bone (located directly behind the neck) consisting of the hump you see on a Buffalo.

I am including a picture of two Hump Bones, one of which I will use as a handle for a Gourd Rattle. I bleach the bone then sand it smooth and polish it till it shines like Ivory. I then cover a portion of the bone with leather to bead on, the rest I leave natural but polished.

I am also including a photograph of some of the Peyote Gourds that I grow, one of which I will choose to be the Gourd part of the Rattle. The upper part of the gourd is placed through the open hole in the Hump Bone and I will draw on and then wood burn on the Gourd my interpretation of the Four Directions which I will use leather dyes to color, or maybe a touch of paint.

In the photograph, I placed one of the bones facing you, there you can see the Spirit of the Buffalo, notice the eyes and even the ears and face?

I will post the progress of this project as it progresses until completion.

Peyote Gourds

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thoughts of Spring On a Cold Winter Morning

This morning dawned cold and windy, another freezing cold, but soon to be sunny day.

The temperature is showing 10 deg. on the thermometer on the porch, which means that the wind chill must be somewhere around Zero or minus 4 with the wind whipping around out there.....Brrrrrr.

Our garden, it turns out was a total disaster again this year, even with all the loving care I gave it and all the hand watering I did.

We have a small plot up on the hill just behind the house, which consists of about 3/4 of an acre that I turn into a garden each year, in it I try to grow many different things including my annual gourd crop to use in my Gourd Art projects.

I grow several types of gourds, Birdhouse Gourds,Canteen Gourds, Bushel Gourds, Bottle Gourds,Nigerian Bottle Gourds,and Peyote Gourds on a fence row, even those tiny "Jewelry Gourds" also called "Miniature Gourds".

My usual gourd crop is about 500 gourds of the Birdhouse,Bottle, Canteen and Bushel variety and around 2,000 miniature (Jewelry) gourds and around 200 "Peyote" gourds. The "Peyote" gourds I use to make my gourd rattles with, so I need quite a few , but I do sell some of them in the Raw stage, meaning not cleaned, to other Crafters.

Oh my how I have been rambling here with my, this years gourd crop was a total wipeout again, as it only produced about 10 very stunted gourds and only about 5 "Peyote" gourds that could be used.

Here is hoping that next Spring and Summer will bring some much needed rain to feed the garden and produce a bountiful harvest of veggies and gourds to feed our bodies and inspire our creative Spirits.

The two photographs above were taken at the very start of the growing season, and show the growth progression of a Birdhouse Gourd, from Baby with the bloom just fallen off to starting to grow into the birdhouse gourd shape.

The Birth and Growth of a Birdhouse Gourd

Saturday, December 20, 2008

"Peyote Gourd Rattle"

This is a Peyote Gourd that I used to make a gourd rattle with.
I cut the upper portion of the gourd and after cleaning out the
gourd, I make a circle of wood to seal off that open portion of
the gourd and make a small hole in the center of this circle to
allow the carved handle to pass through and also drill a small
hole in the end of the gourd to allow the carved handle to pass
all the way through with enough of the wood handle sticking out
to bead and add a bundle of horse hair on the end.

The next step is to cover the entire carved wood handle with thin
leather to bead on and proceed to bead the handle with 10/0
glass seed beads in a pattern that I make and colors I choose.

I also make what is called "Trailers" on the end of the rattle handle
by cutting narrow strips of Deer Leather as decoration.

This sort of rattle is used as a Ceremonial Rattle in a Native
American ceremony.

I am including three pictures of the rattle to show details.

Close Up of Beading On Handle

Close Up of Beading On End of Rattle And Horsehair Bundle

I have noticed a lack of traffic on this blog and also a lack of comments,

it could be the Holiday that causes this, or is it a lack of interest in what I post?

I appreciate your comments and eagerly await your viewing and comments,

but I have almost come to the conclusion that I am just doing this to satisfy

my own need for sharing my Art with others, comments or not but still like them. <>}}:-)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

"Circle of Life"

"You have noticed that everything an Indian does is in a circle. That is because the power of the world always works in circles, and everything tries to be round.... The sky is round, and I have heard that the earth is round like a ball, and so are all the stars. The wind in its greatest power, whirls. Birds make their nests in circles, for theirs is the same religion as ours. Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing and always come back again, to where they were. The life of a man is a circle, from childhood to childhood. And so it is in everything, where power moves...."--

Black Elk, Oglala Lakota

Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Rainy Day Thoughts and Memories"

Goldfinches at Lunch

Today Elisabeth and I went to town and did some "Preseason" shopping for our annual cookie baking. We always get together in the kitchen and bake up a few dozen cookies for the Holiday Season, a task that is harder than it seems on the surface, because in the small log house we live space is at a premium, meaning that the kitchen is VERY small and for two people to be there at the same time is quite a trick. We take turns turning around and moving from one place to the other, which gives me a chance to sneakingly give her a little squeeze now and then on the pretense of getting by she loves it, even though she pretends to get a bit annoyed at me doing that. (better stop the musing

Today dawned as another very rainy day, as was yesterday, except today it was just plain pouring down.

I was not feeling so well today and was having a hard time breathing due to a major flare up of COPD so I didn't even have the energy to go out and work in my workshop for more than an hour, so I came back in and we went shopping together.

After we returned from shopping and getting all the goodies in and put away I decided today would just be a rest day, a time for remembering Spring and Summer and the beauty of our wonderful friends the birds that come to visit one of our two bird feeders.

I decided to put in a couple photographs of a pair of beautiful Gold Finches for our viewing pleasure and to share them with you who come to read my blog every now and then.

Wonderful peaceful memories will follow.

"Let's see...what's on the other side?"

"Oh, yummy...looks like we hit the jackpot!"

"Hey George...I found a nice perch on the Passion Flower Vine."

Monday, December 8, 2008

" Update Beaded Feather Fan Progress"

Fan Handle Completed Beading and Trim Feathers Inserted

Close Up of Upper Beading and Trim Feathers Inlayed

This is the latest progress report on the process of making a Beaded Flat Feather Fan.

I will folow this up with photographs when I get the Hawk Feathers put into the handle,

there are 5 Hawk Wing feathers to be inserted to make the fan.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Festival of Lights"

To view the Photographs in this Challenge, Click the link below
My entry for this Challenge is may click on the photograph to enlarge it and see all the details.
I know this is not a Hanukah photograph, but it does represent the seasons festival of lights here
in the mountains of North Carolina.
I missed putting the photograph in for the previous contest, so I am putting it in this one, meaning no offence to either Jewish or Christian peoples, as I really don't celebrate either
Holiday Christian or Jewish.
Please see the December 3 entry as "Christmas Lights" below as my entry .

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Christmas Lights"

Christmas Lights 2008

Click on the Image to enlarge

Just down the road from where we live, there is a man that puts out
an amazing array of lights and decorations every year and allows
people to drive through his property to view all his decorations
which are all over his rather large property, all free of charge.

I decided to go down and set up my camera on a tripod in the field across the road
from his property and take a few photographs when it got dark tonight.

Here is one of the shots I took just at dark, while I could still see just a little to walk in the
field across the road from this display.

I used my Nikon D50 SLR camera, with a 55-200mm lens and set the camera on Manual setting, Bulb, F16 and held the shutter for 15 seconds.

This was an experiment, as I had never taken any photographs in the dark .
I believe it came out pretty good . Next time I may try the 18-55 lens and see how it comes out.