Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sky Watch Friday

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My post today is a bit different than last week, in that we had two days of mostly bland skies and rain, at times torrential rain, especially the day I took these photos.

The particular evening( Wednesday ) as the sun was setting I noticed some awesome clouds stacking up in the West and South West, like big stacks of cotton, highlighted by the setting Sun.

I grabbed the camera and put on the 55-200mm lens and went outside to see if I could capture some of Creators awesome creations.

Following are some of the results of that on any image to enlarge and view at your leisure.

Starting Sunset in the West

Awesome Beauty in the South West

A Sun Dog appears in the far South West

Just as I was coming back in the house..I noticed this great " Promise of new things to come."

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sky Watch Friday

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I know I have been a bit lax in my posting here, but I have been very busy cutting new gemstones and creating an Ebay Store front to display and sell them on and also put some up for auction..this store will give me a place to display more of my Art and creations..and hopefully even sell some.

Well on with the's post is of a great Sunset we had last evening here in the Western Mountains of North Carolina.

Please feel free to click on any phot to enlarge for a better view.

Sunset in the West

Awesome..a Sun Dog in the South West

Sunset over Sugar Loaf Mountain SW

Sunset SSW

Sunset South- Gilliam Mountain

Sunset Cloud

Sunset NW

Sunset North