Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sky Watch Friday

Thank you again Sky Watch Team for you efforts to bring us great skies for our viewing.

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What a fantastic day it was the other day for viewing surrealistic clouds at the beginning of Sunrise ..even through out the day..the best cloud watching day I ever saw.

Click on any photograph to enlarge for a better was as if an Artist took a giant brush and painted the skies this day....Thank you Creator for creating such an awesome Sunrise and cloud filled day.

Sunrise in the East

Sunrise over in the South West

Sunrise in the West

Sunrise over to the North West

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sky Watch Friday

Thank you Sky Watch Team for once again bringing us skies from around the world to view.

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This week I am going to give you just a bit of a different view of some of our spectacular Sunrises we have been having...I have gone to a few different places in the area to get a different view of the Sunrise.

Sunrise East from down near the orchard

Sunrise over our garden

Sunrise North..from a view in the hay field

Sunrise South East over Gilliam Mountain

Sunrise over Sugar Loaf Mountain

Sunrise West..shooting over the apple orchard

Sunrise South West

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sky Watch Friday

Thank you Sky Watch Team for your time in bringing fantastic skies for our viewing pleasure each week.

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While most of the rest of the West and North East part of the nation was having record snow storms we here in the mountains of Western NC had mostly rain.

After a day of rain and a night of rain, I went out early the other morning and decided to get a couple of photo's of the Foggy Sunrise before the clouds again moved in to erase the wonderful colors in the sky above the rising fog on the ground level.

You may click on any photo to enlarge for a better view.

Start of Sunrise in the South

About 5 minutes later in the South

I turned the camera towards the South West

The Hawks tree in the fog in the South West

Five minutes later...the clouds moved in once again erasing the Sunrise colors and replacing them with dark Blue/Grey rain clouds.