Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sky Watch Friday

Thanks to all our sponsors who tirelessly each week bring us wonderful skies from all over the World.

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This week I am bringing you a new view of our small piece of Creators wonderful creations of mountain scenery and fabulous skies.

I went to a different location ..up higher on a hill in the big field next to us to get these photographs..what a view there is from up there..following are some photographs I took there...starting with daylight photos..followed by sunset photographs later that evening.

Please feel free to click on any photo to enlarge for a better view.

Distant view to the East

Closer view East

Bald Rock Mountain SE

View NE

View North

View North West

Sugar Loaf Mountain SW

Next comes some of the Sunset..what a wonderful way to end the day..viewing Creators masterful Art Works.

Start of Sunset in the West

Sunset Cloud in the South

Sunset North

Sunset North East

Sunset North West

Late Sunset West

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sky Watch Friday

Thank you once again to our Sponsors for their tireless efforts to each week bring us wonderful sky photographs from all over the world.

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My Post today is of a wonderful Fall Sunrise the other day and a Sunset last evening.

Click on any photograph to enlarge for a much better view.

Sunrise East

Sunrise NE

Sunrise N

Sunrise SE

Sunrise SW

Next follows two photographs of the Sunset last Evening;

Sunset South

Sunset SW

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Final Post of Car Show

I am continuing with more photographs from the Car Show today...however I will not put up all photographs that I took there ...I took over 183 photographs of the over 300 cars in attendance.

I know you just could just not sit still that long to look at all of them and you would probably get bored and ask "Does this guy have a life?"

So..on with the show...just a few more on any photo to enlarge for a better view.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Car Show Continued

Continuing today with more photos from the Car Show.

I will start with 5 photos of the Field..showing how large a field and show it was...followed by single photos of different cars.

Today's post is not all of the cars I photographed...I will try to post more tomorrow..till I get most of them in.

As on any photograph to enlarge.