Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Eagle Gourd"

One of My Favorite Gourds I made

Close Up Of Front Panel

Close Up Of Another Panel

Close Up another Panel....Eagle Head

Close Up Of Fourth and Final Panel

My love of Eagles and my Native American name of Eaglesbrother,

was my inspiration for this Gourd Art piece.

After cutting out the top of the raw gourd and cleaning it out and sanding the inside smooth,

I took pencil in hand and started to sketch out the designs and circles (panels) with different pictures of Eagles in each panel. I then started wood burning in all boarders and pictures

and after all burning was done, went back to each panel and used all leather dyes to color .

I think I enjoyed doing this one most of all because I honor the Eagle above all other birds of prey. There are 4 Panels in all, each with it's own Eagle Portrait.

1 comment:

Nancy said...

Wow...that is incredibly nice. Since we've moved here (to the "country") about a year ago, we've witnessed about a dozen bald eagles fly behind our back yard.
Very special!