Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Rusty Memories"

1941 Car

Now that I am older, I still have memories of shiny cars of my youth, but here are some Rusty Memories that I now see.

As we get older our memories rust, our bones squeak and creak and even some of our memories fade. With photographs we can still look back on what used to be, go with me on my memory journey and see if you remember these things as I do.

Frontal Shot of 1941 Car

Old Abandoned Homestead

From The Farm.... Old Manure Spreader

A Different View

I hope you enjoy the trip down Memory Lane.


~Rebecca Anne~ said...

I've finally gotten over for a visit and I'm so delighted I did. Your journal reminds me of B's, but as individual as a person can be. It's beautiful on your pages and I can appreciate your photographs very much.


BAT Mom said...

Heart-achingly beautiful photographs...thank you!