Sunday, September 27, 2009

Butterflys and Corn

Today's images are of Indian Corn and Monarch Butterfly's, the Corn I grew, the Monarch's Creator supplied.

Click on any of the Photograph's to enlarge for a better view.

Some of the Crop of Indian Corn

Such Pretty Colors

Close Up..notice the nice color patterns.

Beautiful Monarch Butterfly

"Hold Still and open those wings"

What Beauty, a successful shot

Visiting Clover Blooms

Here in the mountains Fall is fast approaching and it is nearly time for the Monarch's to come through on their way farther South.

In years past, we have had visits of the Monarch's as they fly on their way to the nesting grounds, we live right in the "Flyway" here on our mountain, and they used to land en mass to rest for a bit and cover the ground with such wondrous beauty , but of course..that was before I had the nice Digital camera that I now have..lately..there have only been very few flying through but we hope for a bumper crop this year and if they do...we will get some shots of them.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Thank you Marcy for being a guest host on today's Sky Watch Friday.

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Here are my entries for Sky Watch Friday viewing, please enjoy some of our wonderful mountain views we have around us here, you may click on the images to enlarge for a better view.

Mountain Scenery

Sugar Loaf Mountain

Gilliam Mountain

More Mountain Scenery

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

13 Inch Hand Drum

Today I am posting a couple photographs of a 13 Inch Hand Drum I just finished making.

The Drum is made with a Steam Bent Maple frame and is covered with Buffalo (American Bison) Rawhide which was soaked for a day then stretched tight over the frame and using Buffalo Rawhide lacing I had cut to bind it tightly to the frame to allow for shrinkage as it dried and stretched tight.

I arranged the lacing in such a way so it could be held in the hand from the backside to play the drum. Note the 4 directions pattern of the lacing.

I next painted a full sized Eagle feather on the drum using oil paints which tend to stay on longer than acrylics and do not peel off easily.

View of Front of Drum

View of Back of Drum

Monday, September 21, 2009

On down the River

Today we continue on down the River towards Chimney Rock from Hickory Nut Gorge where I stopped and got a couple shots of the Waterfalls at Chimney Rock and the Chimney Rock Tower with the flag where people go up to view the surrounding area from a very High advantage.

The Falls at Chimney Rock is where some of the movie "The Last of The Mohegans" was filmed, there is a path that you can walk from the tower to under the falls, and this is where some of the filming was done if you remember the scene of them running and passing under the falls while fighting off their pursuers.

View of the Falls at Chimney Rock Park

View of the Chimney Rock Tower

Now we continue on down the River to Lake Lure where upon arriving we are greeted by some very Large Vultures at a picnic area.

" Lunch is on Boys"

"You guys eat...I will keep watch"

" Oh Gee...I missed that branch again"

Some ducks that were lazing around the foot path in the park

This fellow was a very friendly guy..seemed to actually like to pose for me.

"Hey see any fish yet?"

Some Canada Geese just across the canal that runs through the park.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Trip Down The Rocky Broad River

As I mentioned in Sky Watch Friday Post, I am posting some photos from my trip down the Rocky Broad River on the way to Lake Lure, stopping here and there to take some photo's of the massive boulders in the river as it flows from Bat Cave down through Chimney Rock and on to Lake Lure.
The River is stocked nearly every week with Trout for the locals and the tourists to try to catch. There are some very nice pools along the river where Trout congregate and locals and tourists try to catch them.
Come along with me on my journey down the Rocky Broad River for some very nice scenery.
Click on any of the photographs for a larger and much better view.
Some of the massive boulders in the River

Rolling, Tumbling Waters over worn rocks

A fallen tree within a calm pool of deeper water

More massive boulders creating a small waterfall

A nice fast moving deeper pool of water where the Trout hang out

Seclusion and shade among the rippling waters

Looking back Up the River

This fellow was all excited at catching that 3 inch Trout which he had to throw back.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sky Watch Friday

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These are my entry's for this weeks Sky Watch Friday.

A view of the mountains surrounding Lake Lure ,NC

More great scenery from Lake Lure,NC

Another shot from the surrounding area at Lake Lure,NC

Lake Lure is located about 12 miles below us here on the Divide and I decided to go do some camera shooting Sunday of this past week to try and get some good shots of Sky and Mountains.

I started just below our location here, stopping here and there along the way, taking pictures along the River that flows down to Bat Cave and then down to Chimney Rock and Lake Lure.

I got some great shots along the river which I will post at a later time, as well as some good ones when I arrived at Lake Lure. I will also post a few from Lake Lure at a later time showing some nice scenery and even a few ducks and flowers.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Black Walnut Flute/Hawk Flute

Black Walnut Hawk Flute

Today I am posting some photographs of a Flute I made from Black on the photographs to enlarge for a more detailed view.

I started out this project with a self challenge of constructing the flute in such a way that I could have a solid piece of Walnut at the end of the flute to carve the Hawk head into.

I routed out the slow air chamber and the sound chamber carefully to leave the last 3 inches solid when the two halves of the flute were glued back together and when finished I drilled 4 holes just behind the carved Hawk head to allow for the exit of air and sound from the sound chamber.

The next task was to carve a simple Hawk head for the Block, which I carved out of some Aromatic Red Cedar and placed a black glass seed bead in for the eye.

The flute was then tuned to the key of G, given several coats of tounge oil to seal the wood ,then rubbed silky smooth with 0000 steel wool and given 3 coats of paste wax to seal out any moisture.

Close up of the end you blow on with Hawk Head Block

Close up of carved Hawk Head

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Experimenting with Macro

"Look into my eyes, you are getting sleepy"

I was experimenting the other day with a 105 Macro lens on my camera and took several shots of a bumble bee on a flower head of a House Leek that blooms out in front of our cabin.

Click on any of the photographs for a larger view.

"Climbing up the flower for more goodies"

"I think I will go around this flower to see what is on the other side"

Close up of a dime sized wild flower

Another close up of a very small Pink Wildflower

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Sky Watch Friday 9/10/2009

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Approaching Storm Clouds to the South, about 5 miles in the distance.

Still building up in the South

Approaching Storm Clouds to the Southwest of us, about 12 miles away.

The final approaching storm in the Southwest, 12 miles away.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sky Watch Friday

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Here is my entry for Sky Watch Friday

North Carolina Sunset