Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sky Watch Friday 4-8

Thanks again to our sponsors for their work in bringing us skies from all over the world for our viewing pleasure.

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My post for today consists of two photographs of a Morning Moon a few days ago that I just had to show you.

I follow those two photographs with some awesome Spring Morning Sunrise photographs we had just yesterday.

Our Creator seems to never tire of bringing beauty in the skies for our viewing pleasure.

Click on any photograph for a larger closer view.

Morning Moon high up in the Western sky.

Just for good measure...a closer look at the moon.

Now for our spectacular Spring Morning Sunrise of yesterday.

Sunrise in the East.

Sunrise in the South East.

Sunrise in the North East.

Sunrise in the North.

Sunrise in the North West.

I know I did not put one in of the Sunrise in the West...the sky there yesterday was just plain Blue..with no clouds and therefore no hint of color.
Please excuse me for not getting to many of your Sky Watch sites last week...I was feeling under the weather...just barely got my post in..and had to go rest.

Getting Re acquainted with Macro

Today I will post an exercise in getting reacquainted with a Macro Lens.

I hadn't had my Macro lens out in over a year, so when the Tulips came bursting out in our Circle Flower Bed, I decided it was time to again get acquainted with that lens.

This Macro lens is one of my favorite lenses, a Nikon 105 Macro Auto Focus 2.8 making it possible to hand hold while getting up close and personal with the flowers and even bugs that I shoot.

As Usual, for a better bigger on any photograph.

A Pair of Tulips in our Circle Flower Bed.

I picked out one of them and got up close for a peek inside.

I decided I needed a bit closer view, and here it is.

A peek inside the other Tulip.

Just a bit closer now....there...more detail.

Some of our Creeping Flox just outside our front door .
Miniature flowers abound on the bushes of Flox.

More Creeping Flox..a bit more refined on the contrast.

Getting very close up on some Georgia Blue Speedwell.
These flowers are about the size of a large pin head.
Isn't it fun to experiment again , pulling on our memory of old methods and settings, things we thought we had long forgotten.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sky Watch Friday 4-1

Love Clouds? come along and enjoy clouds from all over the world, brought to us by the efforts of our hard working sponsors .

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This is my post of clouds here from on top of our beautiful mountains here in Western NC. Click on any image for a larger close up view.

Sunrise in the East

Sunrise in the North East

Morning Sun caressing the morning skies in the North

Not to be outdone..the Sun also colors the sky in the West

Last, but defiantly not least, Sunrise in the South.