Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Morning Glory's and Squash Blossoms"

Morning Glory Field

This year was our Seventh year of drought here in the North Carolina mountains.

We have a 3/4 acre garden plot where I grow veggies and gourds ....or I should say " I TRY "
to grow things....however the past seven years of drought have made it quite a task with any growth.

Labor intensive hand watering did produce a few stunted products, but the Gourd Crop was a total failure again this year....if my supply keeps dwindling..I will have to start buying gourds to continue my Gourd Art.

Regardless of the drought, some things will grow every where you don't want them to grow, like Weeds..... and the very invasive Morning Glory. This wonderful blooming flower with it's massive spread of vines took over the whole upper portion of the garden and produced the most spectacular blanket of blooms I have ever seen.

Look at the photograph above to see just a bit of what I am talking about.

Now.....I am going to put in for our viewing pleasure, some close up shots of the different Morning Glory's that grew there...... Oh yes...I couldn't resist putting in One shot of a bee in a Squash Blossom that managed to grow in that sea of Morning Glory's.

Wonderful Blue Flower

"Just a bit closer please"

Another of Natures Wonders

Apache Squash Blossom With Bee


Light and Voices said...

Many kudos on that bee shot! Amazing that it didn't fly away.

LOVELY SPIRIT And Friends said...
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LOVELY SPIRIT And Friends said...

Hello Bob this is pogo Rose. I added your blog to my network and my girlfriends network too. So your art is being seen by many. I love your pictures and wish you and your family the best always.
Rose (tarheel like you)