Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wolf Gourd

Front Panel of "Wolf Gourd"

This was a commissioned piece that I custom made for a man in Brooklyn.

All pictures and designs were first drawn on then wood burned in, then I used all leather dyes for colors and inlaid Real Turquoise that I cut and sanded down flush with the gourd surface and polished to a high shine.

I did the first Wolf on the front panel and used only leather dyes for colors.
after wood burning in the picture.

I did two other panels with a wolf on them, each one different. One Wolf head is relief carved around the upper portion of the head to make it stand out in relief, again only leather dyes for color after wood burning in the picture.

The Third Wolf is a winter Timber Wolf all done in white leather dye after wood burning in the picture.

Next I did a version of the Four Directions of my own design on the bottom and signed it.

Close Up Of Front Panel

Close Up Of Relief Carved Wolf Head

Close Up Of Winter Timber Wolf

Close Up Of Four Directions And Signature