Sunday, July 26, 2009

Catching Up

Black Walnut Flute Displayed on Deer Antler/Skull Stand

Close up of Carved Buffalo Block (Bird) carved from Cedar

Aromatic Red Cedar Flute on Deer Antler/Skull Stand

Close Up showing Details of Cedar Flute

Close Up of Horse (Hand Carved Cedar) Block
Click on the photographs to enlarge for better Detail.
It has been a game of "Catchup" since I got out of the Hospital, the garden went wild weed wise and the Zucchini and Yellow Squash grew to enormous size and had to be picked and thrown away making room for new growth to be picked at the smaller size for eating and selling.
I finally got caught up in the garden and was able to again get back to finishing up on two Flutes that I had started. Pictured above are two flutes, one (Top one) is Black Walnut with a 1" bore and a hand carved Aromatic Red Cedar Block (Buffalo-American Bison) and 4 diamond shaped pieces of Turquoise that I cut and inlaid into the Walnut and sanded and polished flush with the Flute's surface for decoration.
The Second Flute Pictured is made from Aromatic Red Cedar with a Horse that is hand Carved for the Block.
I am slowly healing and getting some better every day but still have to take it a bit easy and be patient till I get my strength back and continue on with my creations.....thank you to all who sent me good wishes and thoughts...."I shall Return" to some semblance of normalcy soon.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ghosts,Dolphins,Cloud Day Dreaming

Look up in the's a Ghost Cloud

Does this look like a Dolphin to you?

Gold Finch perched on a Cosmos stem eating the seeds from an expired bloom.

A very colorful bloom of an unknown species of wildflower.
You may be wondering why I haven't posted in sometime now....well, just the short version of the whole episode, I have been in the Hospital again and this time it was quite a trip spending a whole week in there while the world outside went on without me and I sure did miss posting and was very glad after the Doctors released me after a week in there.I again escaped the Knife(keep your fingers crossed) for yet another time and am mending fairly well from a case of Ischemic Colitis.....which was treated with No Food, No water and massive doses of Antibiotics and bags and bags of IV stuff for four days, then they allowed me to have some liquid for a day and a half and finally, on the Fifth Day after noon allowed me semi solid food for dinner and ordered up solid food for the Sixth body accepted the solid foods and so they think their process worked and I am now back home,weak,wobbly legged,woozy,and going to try to get out again tomorrow and do some work again.

I am still making more Native Flutes and have another one that was about 3/4 completed before I went into the IV Tower as I call plan to work on it till completed and will then post a photo of it.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Flute Making Process

I start out with a blank that is 2 in. x 2 in. x 24 inches and then using a planer I make it smooth and even on all sides and planed down to a 1 3/4" size.

The flute blank is then sawed in half so that it may be routed out and each sawed side must be perfectly flat and smooth so it can be glued back together after routing.

This is the routed out insides of the Flute Blank, note a small routed out part , it is called the Fast Air Chamber...also referred to as the FAS.
The Larger routed out area is called the Sound Chamber.

This is one of the finished Flutes with a Carved Eagle Head (carved out of Cedar) for channeling the air from the FAS over the dam and over the cut out and shaped sounding edge just about 1/2 inch away from the FAS to create the sound. Next holes are drilled in the top portion of the flute for fingering the notes and tuned by shaping the holes to different sizes to make the proper note (6 Holes). I also cut and inlaid a diamond shaped piece of turquoise into each side and ground and sanded down flush with the flute wood surface and polished to a bright shine.

The Flute is then shaped into the round shape by sanding and carving and sanded very smooth.

The Flute is then sealed with Tongue Oil , both inside and outside allowed to dry overnight and another coat put on after using 0000 steel wool to create a velvety smooth surface and feel, and finally after that coat dries,again steel wooled to a velvet finish, then coated with one to two coats of fine paste wax and buffed.

Top view of this Flute.

The next Finished Flute with a Carved Bear with an Inlaid Turquoise Heart Line and also a matching Heart Line of Turquoise inlaid on each side .

Close up view of the Carved Bear (Cedar) with inlaid Turquoise Heart Line.

Top View of the Bear Flute.