Friday, November 28, 2008

"Artist's Guilt"

The Subject today is "Artist's Guilt". Now you may ask, what in the world is he talking about ?.

As an Artist I feel I must be creative Every day, but sometimes I take the day off and just
mess around or rest, but there is that nagging feeling of guilt that I am not out in my workshop
working and creating something new or continuing on with the current project.

Why is this the "Curse" of the Artist ?

Is it that we must constantly be creating ? Is it the feeling that "Idle Hands are the Devils Workshop" ?. What brings on these feelings? Is it our upbringing ?, or just the crazy mind of an Artist ?

Do any of the rest of you get these feelings, or am I alone in this ?

I for one have a constant feeling of "Guilt" if I am not doing something "Artistic "all the time.

We, Elisabeth and I, took the day off from "Art" yesterday and had a day of "Companionship".
We together prepared a Thanksgiving meal and sat down together to enjoy it after we had prepared it and then just mostly just sat around and talked and I played on the computer
playing some games ( Casino Games ) and she played with some Art Journals .
But I still had that "Guilty" feeling all day that I was not out in the shop continuing the beading on that new Feather Fan Handle that I am in the process of completing.

I think I may take a few pictures of the "Process" of doing a Feather Fan from start to finish and maybe share it with my friends and followers. What do you think?..Would anyone be interested in seeing that ?

"Create, Create, Create" My thoughts for today.


Elisabeth said...

Excellent express yourself beautifully. I enjoy seeing your work progress.

I don't feel guilty when I miss a day of creating, however I do miss it and can't wait to back to it. In general, I feel compelled or driven to do something creative every day. It is good to take a day off now and then. A change in routine can be refreshing.

Anonymous said...
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Light and Voices said...

Kudos for you! I am impressed by your writing ability.

dragoness said...

Some say that us artists must create. Perhaps messages or other things in it others need to see or feel. Art is essential to life as all else is. Happy creating from a fellow artist.