Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Cougar Gourd Art"

Front View

This is one of my Gourds that I grow for my Gourd Art.

I chose this nice gourd for it's shape and thickness and after cutting out the top, cleaned out

the inside and sanded it smooth, then I proceeded with the layout of the art.

I first sketched on the boarders of the top and panels for the Cougars. Next step was to draw on

the Cougars on the front and the back side with pencil, then wood burn in each portrait.

Next I decided to carve away the area surrounding the upper portion of the Cougar picture and sand that area smooth, leaving it the natural color of the gourd under it's hard shell.

I repeated this process with the Cougar on the back of the gourd and used leather dyes for colors.

Below I will show close up pictures of the Cougars as they appear on the gourd.

Shown With Top Off

Close Up Of Front Panel

Close Up Of Rear Panel

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