Friday, November 7, 2008

Beaded Flat Feather Fan

Here is one of my latest projects. A very challenging one too. It only took me three weeks of beading to do it.

I first took a cedar board and hand shaped the handle and covered it with soft leather to bead on.

Next I started the beading using the "Peyote Stitch" also known as the "Gourd Stitch" which is a method of beading that uses a 3 drop stitch pattern , one bead at a time beaded directly on an object. I used 10/0 glass seed beads to do the work. I can't tell you just how many beads it takes to bead all that but it takes 130 beads per square inch using 10/0 glass seed beads. One day I will calculate the total beads it takes to do that.

After beading all the handle I then put in Eagle Feathers (Painted Feathers, because you cannot sell the Real feathers) and some trim black feathers to make the fan.
UPDATE: I did calculate the number of beads it took to bead this, the estimate is 4,285 beads.

I am showing three pictures here...Front view, Back view, and Close up of the beading.

Front View of Fan

Back View of Fan

Close Up of Beading


Indigo said...

Beautiful work! I've always wanted to learn to bead like this. (Hugs)Indigo

Light and Voices said...

Fan looks like it belongs in a museum. Good job!