Friday, May 1, 2009

Hand Drum

24 inch Hand Drum with Buffalo Rawhide

Back side of hand drum

Close up of Hand Painted Feather on Buffalo Rawhide
Today I would like to show you a 24 inch Hand Drum I made and give you a bit of an explanation as to the make up of this drum.

I used a steam bent Maple drum frame that is 3" deep and 24" across, then used a Buffalo ( American Bison) rawhide circle that I had cut out of a larger piece of Buffalo Rawhide to cover this frame.

First I soaked the Rawhide and Rawhide lacing to soften it so I could stretch it tightly over the frame and lace it on after shaping the Rawhide to lay flat when stretched over the frame and laced down as well as the Rawhide lacing to lace through the drum head and onto the back in a fashion so it could be held with one hand by the back lacing to be played with a beater.

I next decided to hand paint a full sized Eagle Feather on the dried and stretched tight Rawhide Drum head, this I did carefully with some of my soft hair brushes so I could get a realistic look to the feather.

This Drum has a wonderful deep sound because I used Buffalo Rawhide which gives it a deeper sound than using Deer,Elk, or Beef Rawhide because Buffalo (American Bison) Rawhide is thicker.


Elisabeth said...

Very nice Mr. Bob!

Rebecca Anne said...

Once again, beautiful~ Now I sit back and wonder what the deep musical tones it must play. I have two daughters that play various drums, so I'm already biased~

The feather is an extra special touch. So, I am curious. Do you make the things you do for a personal collection? Or do you sell things? Hobby? Profession? I know I should know this by now.....

Rebecca Anne said...

Hmmm...ok, it's early early morning and my mind is not on point. Just saw your website and I'm off to check things out.
So, basically, ignore the last of my previosu comment!

Eaglesbrother said...

Thank you Rebecca...yes I do make and sell the Art that I create, also I do make some things for my personal use.
I am I now do my Art projects to have an outlet for my incessant need to Create and as an outlet for my inner share with others...some things I do sell...some I gift to special friends.