Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NC Mountains Foggy Morning

It was another of those unusual early morning ,thick fog draped,rising sun days. I was up very early as usual and I looked out the window and saw an amazing sight, a Half Moon in the sky and very thick fog covering the earth in a blanket grey, rising up into the sky.

I just had to go out and photograph it before it disappeared because here in the mountains Grandfather (Sun) rises very quickly once He climbs the top of the mountains quickly dispatches the fog.

The first photograph is of the Half Moon to enlarge..

This is a photograph of the fog and the rising sun and the Pink clouds just as the Sun was rising.(click to enlarge)

This photograph was taken just about 15 minutes later as the Sun was getting higher in the sky and burning off the fog..amazing cloud formations lit Pink by the rising Sun.(click to enlarge)


Rebecca Anne said...

I love the pink clouds, they look divine and good enough to eat (I'm very hungry these days) Your right about the Mountains and how the sun can make a quick appearance and disappear just as quickly.
As always, a visual treat for me to visit your pages~

Elisabeth said...

Ahhhhh...the joy of mornings in the Carolinas. Pink clouds remind me of cotton candy. Love those shots.