Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Natural Bridge/George Washington

Natural Bridge showing trail going under it on the right side

On the left side of the Bridge high up above the water there are some names carved into the rock there , one is outlined with white paint, supposedly George Washington's initials. I know George slept everywhere in Va. but seems he didn't sleep here..just left his Mark....lol..that man sure did get around.

As usual..click on the image to get a better view...here you will also see some other initials and my interpretation is as follows;( J. V. Getz Oct. 14, 1883)..this was put there long after old George was there for as near as I know George was long gone by then. So...did George really put his initials up there?

Farther up the trail from the Bridge I ran into this sign(click on it to enlarge to read it) it tells of a reproduction of a Monacan Indian Village which is a little farther up the trail.

A shot from a distance on the approach to the Village showing the Palisades surrounding the Village.

A Hanging Gourd...used to store water for cooking or drinking when the water supply could be a bit muddy from Cedar Creek after a major rain.

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