Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life Flight

Helecopter lifting off from parking lot

close up just after lift off

We had just returned for the day from our visits to different places while in Pa. and an ambulance and police cars were flying by sirens blasting loudly urging people to get out of the way.

We were standing outside of the Motel we were staying in and watching them go by and wondering what was happening, we then proceeded to go in and up to the third floor where we were staying, noting that the sirens had not gone too far from us.

As we sat down watching a little TV and relaxing I heard a helicopter coming very near and looked out the window at the back of the Motel where we were staying and saw it landing in the parking lot just beyond the trees that bordered the back of the motel and noticed a flurry of activity and EMS technicians and firemen directing the Helicopter down and keeping other vehicles away from the landing spot behind the trees.

After a very short time I heard the Helicopter start to wind up it's engines and prepare for lift off,so I grabbed my camera and got two quick photographs just as it was clearing the tops of the trees on it's way to a hospital, here are two photographs of it clearing the tree tops and a close up of the Helicopter.....Click to enlarge for a better view.

We sincerely hope for the best for whoever was airlifted to the hospital and wish for their speedy recovery.

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