Saturday, May 23, 2009

Grarled Old Tree

As I was walking down the 152 steps to the Natural Bridge in Va. I came upon this wonderful ancient Tree, I just had to take a few photographs to share with you, showing the twists and turns this old man tree had gone through to adapt to ancient winds and weather.

This photograph is of the base of the tree (click on to enlarge and see better the twists and torturous turns) with two other shots to show in detail the many ancient fingerprints of time and weather.

Another photograph higher up showing a mass of twisted limbs

What great Texture , knots and turns


Elisabeth said...

Neat twists--a natural sculpture.

Light and Voices said...

Amazing photographs of your trip to PA and back. Your writing has a natural cadence which I so enjoy reading. Bob, you have a writing style of your own. Your voice has such a comfortable feel to it. Good job!

Rebecca Anne said...

Your right, that tree is gnarled and amazing and shows a lifetime beyond our years of growth and movement. What a wonderful way to really see nature.

Lucy Corrander said...

By chance, this reminds me of the photo I posted earlier today on PICTURES JUST PICTURES. I too like the twists and turns of wood and roots.

Lucy Corrander