Wednesday, May 13, 2009


View From The Road (Foamhenge)

Another View From The Road

Plaque Explaining Foamhenge

Now don't Title is not a misspelled is actually Foamhenge because the makers used giant blocks of foam to make a replica of Stonehenge and then painted them to look like the stones at Stonehenge.

We took a trip to Pa. for a visit to Elisabeth's father and on the way we stopped at the Natural Bridge Exit in Virginia and went down that road and discovered this humorous exhibit on the way to the Natural Bridge.

I took a lot of photographs along the way and quite a few at Natural Bridge and several in Pa. as well...I will post some more photographs as I add posts for this blog to share with you all the wonderful things we saw.

If you click on the Photographs it will enlarge them for a much better view.


Rebecca Anne said...

LOL I love those types of off the road attractions. It keeps a trip interesting. I hope it was a great trip and I look forward to more pictures from your adventures.

Julie said...

I stopped and saw Carhenge when we went by in Alliance Neb. I love roadside attractions also.

Judith HeartSong said...

Hey! We made it to Natural Bridge.... did not make it to Foamhenge.... I am so jealous and will have to go back:):):)

Light and Voices said...

What a tourist attraction. The minute you said "Don't laugh" guess what I was doing. Yep, I was laughing so hard my sides ached. I loved your tour of all the road sites. Foamhenge I will remember forever along with the pink post. ROFL.