Monday, April 27, 2009

Dogwood Days

Dogwood Trees across the field from my garden

Dogwood Trees around a Gazebo

More Dogwood Trees across the field from us

Same area, more Dogwood Trees

Close up of Dogwood Blooms

Another Close Up of Dogwood Blooms

A Wild Dogwood In Woods Across the Road
Click on the Photographs to enlarge for a much better view.
What a beautiful day here today, sunny and 89 degrees, an I was up in the garden planting( 3/4 acre garden) and looked over across the hay field next to our garden and spotted the Dogwood Trees in full bloom .

I came in after a hard day of planting and decided to drive across the field with my truck and take a few photographs of the beautiful Dogwood Trees blooming on the other side and on the way over to them I also spotted a Wild Dogwood on the other side of the road that I was driving next to so I stopped to shoot across the road and into the woods to take a photograph of the Wild young tree.

After photographing the "Wild One" I drove on across the Big field to the Dogwoods that I could see from our garden and stopped to take these photographs.

What wondrous beauty those trees shared with me and I am posting some of the photographs I took to share with you ( you know who you are...because you just stopped by to ).

Please enjoy looking at Creators gifts of beauty, the Dogwood Trees, and it would be nice to hear any and all comments from you. Comments left on a post let me know I am doing something right..or maybe wrong, or at least if you enjoy seeing what I post or am I just posting something you have no interest in looking at.


Julie said...

great shots,

Nancy said...

Dogwoods are SUCH pretty trees...and you done them proud!


Elisabeth said...

Your close up shots of the blossoms are fantastic.

Judith HeartSong said...

I love your blossom pics and all your posts. You are an artist and I love seeing what you see.