Monday, May 18, 2009

Natural Bridge/Waterfall

After going down the 152 steps from the building/museum to the Natural Bridge, I saw a sign saying what was beyond the Bridge, so I asked the man there how far it was to the waterfalls that was up the trail...well he said "Only about 3/4 of a mile" I proceeded on up the trail checking out the different things to see and taking pictures all along the let me tell you something is quite obvious that the man at the foot of the steps by the bridge has Never walked up this trail...because it turned out to be more like 2 miles up the trail..and I mean mostly UP, even though most of the trail was covered with a small type of gravel it was still rough going for an old man who has had 19 heart attacks as well as other health related problems..but all in was worth it.

Here are a few photographs that show some of the beauty of the Falls at the end of the trail and I will post some more photographs of other things I saw on the way at a later time.

Twin Waterfalls from a distance

Waterfalls shown close up..notice a gush of water coming in from the right into the main upper falls is actually 3 falls in one.

Some of the water at the foot of the last falls starting to tumble down the rocky river, creating a very peaceful, tranquil setting.


Elisabeth said...

Good job...what a discovery...wish I could have gone too...oh well...

Light and Voices said...

You walked up and down 152 steps to see this site!