Friday, January 2, 2009

Workshop Tour

Come with me on a tour of my Workshop. Here is where I do my Art and get my inspiration for creating in an undisturbed atmosphere.

I built this shop from scratch, as a former builder, this was a relative easy task for me and I covered the outside with Log Siding to match the Log Cabin we live in because it sits right next to the Cabin.

The Shop is well insulated and sheetrocked and has it's own 100 Amp service and plenty of outlets and is heated in winter and air conditioned in summer.

I will show you the layout of this somewhat crowded shop, as I would have loved to have a larger space but the 12x14 building was all I could afford to build at the time, so this amout of space had to do till I built a 8x10 storage building next to it to hold some of the equipment and tools that were in the Shop, thus freeing up more space to work in.

Following are some photographs of the inside of the shop;

Some of my stash of rough Opals from Australia that I cut and polish.

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Judith HeartSong said...

what a fantastic and inspiring space! Having a fre-standing studio separate from your home must be a really wonderful thing. I loved seeing all the gourds in process and thank you for sharing this part of your creative life!