Monday, January 12, 2009

Sky on Fire

"Hey Honey the Sky is on Fire tonight, let's get the cameras and get a few shots."

Out we went, cameras in hand and what an awesome sight, the sky was on fire and Creator was doing His magic with a brush of fiery colors against the deep blue/gray background of oncoming clouds that were moving in with the cold front.

It was quite cold outside, so we zipped up our coats and started walking around looking for just the right places to get the best shots.

Elisabeth went one way and I went another,so we wouldn't get exactly the same shots and angles, I ended up on the hill behind the cabin and standing at the far edge of the garden there.

I would like to share with you some of the shots I got. I didn't do anything to the photographs except to crop and size them and change the Pixels from 300 to 100.

Please enjoy the show and you can click on each photograph to enlarge for better viewing.


Light and Voices said...

Oh my two are so lucky to have a view like that.
Good job taking the shots, Bob.

Julie said...

The shots are just stunning. I love a red sky and never seem to have my camera when ours looks that way. Great job.

Elisabeth said...

Very nice Bob. You did good. Interesting the differences between our cameras isn't it? Check it out:

Love this communication via blogs...LOL!