Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dance Stick---Finished

This is a final update on the "Dance Stick", using a Buffalo Rib Bone.

Here is the finished "Dance Stick", all beading done and 4 pieces of real Turquoise cut and inlayed into the bone then sanded down flush with the bone and polished.

I also added a nice piece of Turquoise that I cut and polished to the very end of the stick.

Next was to attach the leather and feathers to the front and add the wrist thong to the rear of the handle.


Judith HeartSong said...

This is just beautiful and I love the inlay work. I love that you share your process as you have skills I am unfamiliar with.

Beautiful piece!

Elisabeth said...

Very nice finished. Lovely, lovely...beautiful work.

Light and Voices said...

Now that the dance stick is finished on to another project. Great job! I would suggest, with your passion for beading, perhaps you could teach in a Continuing Education Program at a nearby high school. Or offer class on your website. Possibilities are endless.