Sunday, January 18, 2009

Buffalo Roundup

This morning I was chatting with some friends in a chat room and mentioned that I helped a friend with the roundup of his Buffalo at his farm.
Then we got to talking about Buffalo meat and how good and healhty it is and some of the people in the room said they had never seen a Buffalo, so I said I would post some pictures that I took while helping with the roundup.

The American Buffalo (Bison) used to run wild in this country before the advance of the white men coming and expanding their conquest of the country and claiming new land for their own use from the American Indian, the Indians depended on the Buffalo for meat,clothing,hides for sleeping on and also for making shelters.

With the advance of the white man, the Indians were put on reservations after being conquered, and were no longer allowed to hunt for the Buffalo, the white man and the Government set about to eradicate the American Buffalo as a way to subdue the Indian and control him.

Enough of the sad history of the Governments treatment and genoside of the American Indian and also the American Bison (Buffalo).

Following are some photographs of the Roundup at my friends Buffalo Farm.


Judith HeartSong said...

Tatonka... they are beautiful. We saw White Buffalo in Northern Arizona on a yellow plain, below a mountain on a cold cold day.

Elisabeth said...

Nice article Bob. Well done.

Light and Voices said...

I have seen buffalo up in Northern Wisconsin but never a roundup. What a neat experience. Thanks for posting these photos on your blog.