Thursday, January 15, 2009

Today's post is of a Commissioned Gourd Art I did.

A friend brought by a visitor from New York to see some of my work and he liked it so much he asked me to do a Special one for him, asking that I do Wolves on it, because he loves Wolves and would be honored to have me make one for him to purchase, thus began the Commission.

I immediately set about doing some research on Wolves and their habitat and came up with the ideas for the Wolf pictures for this gourd.

The front panel is a Wolf, head on view, which I drew on with pencil, then wood burned in and then colored with Leather Dyes. Then to accent the main Wolf head I drew on a sweeping design around the Wolf picture and carved out the design and then inlayed Real Turquoise that I cut , inlayed, then ground down flush with the gourd surface, then polished to a high shine.

I made three panels of Wolves, each one different, and in one panel I did a relief carving around the Wolf head after wood burning in the picture that I had drawn on, then colored with Leather Dye.

Then next panel is of a Winter Wolf, all white, standing in his winter environment on the rocks.

The final picture is of the bottom of the gourd where I sign it and do my representation of The Four Directions and I used Apache colors for them White, Yellow,Blue, and Black.

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Winter Wolf (White)

Relief Carved Wolf

Close Up Of Front Panel

Bottom Design (Four Directions)

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Light and Voices said...

Bob, you write very clear and concise. Kudos on commissioned artwork.