Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kachina Dancer Gourd

Today I am putting in some pictures of a Kachina Dancer Gourd that I made. You can click on each picture to enlarge for better viewing and details.

A photograph of the Kachina Gourd with real Turquoise inlay. There are two panels of Kachina Dancers, each one is different.

All the Turquoise is Diamond shaped pieces of real Turquoise that I cut and inlayed, then ground down flush with the gourds surface,then polished.

All Kachina Dancer pitctures are drawn on with pencil then wood burned into the gourd and for color I used leather dyes. I also inlayed Turquoise diamond shaped pieces into the removable top and also used Sterling Silver wire inlayed into the gourd top and Sterling Silver Feathers.

For the top, I made a handle, using a piece of a miniature gourd top which you can see in the photograph with the top off.

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