Monday, January 12, 2009

My Elusive Hawk Friend

The other day my friend , a beautiful Red Tail Hawk, was sitting in his preening tree when I went outside. I went back in the house and grabbed my camera with the nice long lens on it (70-300) with the VR feature, a must for long distance shots being hand held,and started to take a few shots as I walked towards the tree in the distance.

Slowly I walked, taking shots along the way, so as not to frighten the Hawk as I approached His territory. He used to allow me to walk right up under his tree and I would talk to him as he would listen intently to my every word, however , a couple of years ago...someone or something has scared his and he is now very skittish at the approach of a human and allows no one to get much closer than One Thousand yards before he flys away.

I am putting in a few photographs of him..first of the long distance view and then two of close up zoom photographs from around One Thousand Yards.


Nancy said...

Wow...these are great!
If you get a chance go check out my latest entry....I think you'll like it!


Julie said...

Since I got my new 70-300 lens I have been combing the country side looking for a hawk I can get a picture of. Any other time they would be all over, now, nada. Oh well, eventually. Love the shots.