Sunday, January 4, 2009

Foggy Sunrise

Today dawned as a rather dreary cloudy day and Grandfather (The Sun) was struggling to get up the mountain through all the clouds and fog, but he did arrive and started to paint the sky.

I opened the curtains and started out the door to my work shop to do some more beading and I looked across the road to the mountain about 5 miles away and saw that Grandfather indeed had started to paint the sky in beautiful colors. The ground fog was just starting to rise after a night of light rain, giving the landscape quite a different but beautiful vision.

I went back inside and got out my camera and headed back out the door to capture this unusual sight, the rising fog and the development of a sunrise, a seldom seen picture to be had.

I will share two of the photographs with you today, one being the long shot of the 5 mile distant mountain and surrounding area, and another as a close up zoom photograph of the same mountain.


Elisabeth said...

Neat pink color of sunrise...good job.

Light and Voices said...

It must be nice to wake up and look out of the cabin and see a pink sunrise. Nature does surprise us.