Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dance Stick Project

My newest project is making a "Dance Stick."

The "Dance Stick" is used by Native Americans in dances and ceremonies, usually by "Fancy Dancers" in the dance, or others in different dances, which may include medicine dances or healing ceremonies.

Each "Dance Stick" is usually personalized by each dancer, bringing with it His personal markings or medicine,thus making the stick His and His alone and not meant for any other dancer.

I am posting two pictures, the start of making a "Dance Stick", in which I show the product that I am using to make the stick from. I start with a Buffalo rib bone in the raw, then I sand it smooth and free of all bleach residue, sanding down to at least 600 grit, with wet/dry sandpaper.

The next step is to polish it to a high gloss so that it resembles Ivory,this is done so that it seals the bone, as well as making it look good.

I then glue on leather in the places I wish to do beading on and do the beading using the "Peyote Stitch" also known as "The Gourd Stitch."

I will post other photographs as I progress with the project.

Shown With Leather for Beading


Anonymous said...

That's realy neat! I love looking at your photos

Anonymous said...

My grandad dose things like this. Of course it's a different style but he use to make alot of money selling his carvings and paintings. I'm gonna post a picture of him with one of his art works he did. He did it from snow tho. I think you might like it. When we lived in Idaho he use to make all the houses and stands for a show he would do once a month. He played Doc Holiday.

Elisabeth said...

Neat Bob...I look forward to watching the progress of the Dance Stick...:-)