Sunday, March 1, 2009


Home Sweet Home

Just across the road
Today dawned gray and rainy, just another much needed rain shower as predicted on the news last evening, but this mornings news said we could expect from 2-4 inches of who believes the weather man any more?

I didn't believe the forecast and was out in my shop getting well along on a new project, when I looked out the window and saw an amazing sight, snow flurries as big as quarters and some almost the size of half dollars, I immediately called Elisabeth on my cell phone and asked her to look out of the window from the house to see it.

Elisabeth went out and took a few photographs and I did also a bit later after I came back into the house, although we both got different shots which is good because I don't even try to compete with her as she is the Pro Photographer here.

I am inserting two photographs in today's Post so you can see our BIG snowfall of about 1/2 inch which then turned back to rain, but is now at this hour turning back to snow again and coming down hard.

Unless I am can click on the Photographs to enlarge for better viewing.


Judith HeartSong said...

love the snow... it is snowing hard and heavy here at the moment... I have to go and shovel out the car:)

Anonymous said...

We got some snow the other day lots of it but it's clearing up. Love the photos! :)

Rebecca Anne said...

Oh I'm delighted to see a post from you. Love the pics and I'm glad you are so excited about the snow (here I was thinking, bring on spring!) I hope you are feeling well these days,