Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hawk Friend

My Red Tail Hawk Friend

Here is my latest endeavor at capturing my Friend the Red Tail Hawk, he is so elusive and hard to capture, as he stays at quite a distance anymore because someone or something has frightened him within the past few years and I am unable to get much closer than a thousand yards so I have to rely on my "Long Lens" (70-300MM) to get any decent photograph of him.

Here he is in all his new Spring atire, new chest feathers and all. Isn't he just Handsome!!!.


Rebecca Anne said...

Oh he is amazing! That looks like a pretty amazing photo for being so far away from the elusive gift of nature.
Thank you for sharing him with us,

Elisabeth said...

Oh, hawk is great. What a fabulous buddy...let's send him an invitation to visit more up close and personal.

Judith HeartSong said...

Hawks are very special to me and I watch for them every time we travel by car or walk in the woods. This hawk friend of yours is special indeed.