Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Peruvian Dendretic Opal

Back side of Dendretic Opal

Front Side of Dendretic Opal

Today I thought I would share with you a beautiful Peruvian Dendretic Opal that I cut,
It was too good to just cut and polish one side, so I cut and polished both the front and the back
Making it a two sided piece that can be worn and shown on either side as a pendant so it will
show all of it's beauty and wonderful Dendrites (dendrites look like ferns and bushes and are formed by different minerals seeping in the base material of Opal and forming the wonderful pictures and scenes just as one would see in a landscape out in a desert area or a dry wash.
The base material is Opal but has no Opal colors (Fire) and it comes from Peru. I bought this material in the rough several years ago and decided to cut some more of it this past week between other projects because it was laying around on my work counter for further observation and I decided it was time for the unveiling of it's wonders.
P.S. ..... I cut this stone in a Freeform to save as much as possible of the beautiful scenes.
You can click on the photographs to view larger.

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Elisabeth said...

Neat Bob. I love dendretic anything. :-)