Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Finds

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Here is my entry for "Friday Finds"

Driftwood Horse

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This is a very unusual Find, I was going down to South Carolina to Myrtle Beach, my truck broke down on the way there several years ago and I had to spend about 12 hours at the repair shop while they ordered in a part and then installed it...meanwhile I had lots of time to kill so I walked around making a path of frustration in the field nearby and just looking at what was on the ground....then it hit me...BAM!!!! a Driftwood Horse sticking up out of the sand, I picked it up and dusted off the sand and admired Natures wonders once again....a true treasure to find something so unusual.


Elisabeth said...

Nice job Bob...what a lovely, surprise find. I love when moments like that happen.

Light and Voices said... found a driftwood horse in the sand. By the way, the photo is of excellent quality.

Rebecca Anne said...

I love looking for driftwood. The unusual shapes and the feel of word worn down by water.
I can certainly see the horses head and your right, that was a fantastic find.