Sunday, March 29, 2009


Agatized Coral

Agatized Coral Slice

Cobalt Dolomite


Today I am posting a few photographs of some of the different gemstones that I cut.

I have been cutting and polishing gemstones for over 45 years, and collecting rough material,
buying rough, and even mining my own rough, and trading rough materials to cut and polish.

First on today's post is a very unusual piece of Agatized Coral that I have had for quite a few years and finally decided to cut a piece of it (notice the inside of the Coral has turned to Agate)
I cut a slice off of it and then polished the surface to show the wonderful colors and patterns there.

Next photograph is of the slice that I cut off the main piece and polished both sides of (would make a wonderful Pendant stone).

The next photograph is of an exceptionally beautiful piece of Cobalt Dolomite ( the pink being derived from the presence of Cobalt in the Dolomite, thus making it Pink), Dolomite comes in a variety of colors ranging from clear ,white,gray,and the Rare Pink, and even more rare Blue.
This has a surface covered with tiny Pink crystals that just sparkle in the light and is quite showy, another pendant sized freeform stone that could be wire wrapped or prong mounted.

The next photograph is of a very flashy piece of Labradorite that I cut and polished, I cut it in freeform to save as much as possible the wonderful flash of colors in the stone, as it shows Blue,Green,even hints of Gold colors as it is moved, all across the stone.

These are some of the stones I cut when taking a break from creating Gourd Art or other objects of Art and since I not longer make jewelry I use a lot of gemstone material in my Art creations as inlay, but sometimes I just like to cut a stone for the purpose of mounting it into a handmade piece of jewelry such as a ring or pendant or even a bracelet and sometimes I sell the cut stones to others to make jewelry with.

I hope you enjoy looking at these creations and seeing the Natural beauty of Nature and what Creator has blessed us with.

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