Friday, March 6, 2009


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Here is my entry for "Friday Finds"

Antique Cars

Parade of Antique Cars

I just could not resist taking the photographs of the parade of antique cars that came by our home one day while I was out in the yard, had to run in and get my camera after standing there and watching them go by with mouth agape for about a half an hour before I decided I must capture this wonderful parade of cars of the past and the many memories it induced in my mind.


Elisabeth said...

Neat entry...thanks for sharing.

Julie said...

There is one of those old cars down on the lot just waiting to be restored, wish I had the money looking at all the beautiful cars in your post. They just don't make them like that anymore.

Light and Voices said...

Times sure have changed. Your image reminds me how the body and fenders of cars used to be so distinctive. I could say "That is a Packard or this one is a Chevy." Today, I am unable to tell one automobile from another. Oh well, wonderful entry, Bob.