Friday, March 20, 2009

"Friday Finds"

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My Entry for "Friday Finds"

This is an Opal I cut the other day, an Ethiopian Chocolate Opal, a very rare one also.

I bought the rough piece of Opal quite a few years ago at a gem show and have just now got around to cutting it.

I hope you can see the beautiful colors in it, but it is even more beautiful in person, I did try very hard to capture all the wonderful rare colors by using my 105MM Macro lens on my Nikon camera.

Opal of this caliber is very rare in Ethiopian Chocolate Opal and the brightness is of a 10 on the Opal brightness scale....10 being the best.

The stone finished cut and polished is 3 Carats and is on my Lady Elisabeth's "Wish List" LOL.

A true "Rare Friday Find".


Elisabeth said...

Gorgeous...from across the room this looks like a Renaissance painting. It is definitely on my "Wish List." Hint...hint :-)

Judith HeartSong said...

That is a gorgeous stone and I can completely see why it would be on Elizabeth's wish list!!!!

Julie said...

Wow, It would be on my wish list also. Its beautiful.

Rebecca Anne said...

Thats a gorgeous opal and I'm just sitting here amazed that you were the one that cut it and revealed it's true beauty.