Monday, March 22, 2010

Day One Tour of My Workshop

As promised today is the start of a Tour of My Work Shop..Day One...

Click on any photograph to enlarge for a better view.

The shop is 12 x 14 ft...I wish it were never seems to have enough room.

Below is a photograph of the work shop I built next to our Log Cabin, so I could work in some comfort inside. It is heated and air conditioned and has a 100 amp electric service that I put in, and is insulated and sheet rocked.

The Workshop

One wall of shop with shelves for my Art

A shot of the hand carved Eagle (one piece) carved from an apple tree, which stands 4 ft. tall from the base to the tips of the wings, also notice the big Powwow Drum I made from Cedar covered with Buffalo (Bison) Rawhide both sides, see link included to see the Powwow Drum clearly..

Some of my Lapidary Equipment and my old hat and a Peyote Gourd rattle

A Beaded Feather Fan nearly completed and some Buffalo Hump Bone ( for the handle) beaded Gourd Rattles.

A 24 inch Hand Drum..Buffalo Rawhide covered, steam bent Maple frame, with hand painted Feather on it.

One of the Gourd Art pieces on the shelf, a Navajo Woman.
Click here to see this post of the Gourd Art

Some Gourd Rattles, the second from top has a Buffalo Rib bone used as a handle..all are beaded by me, and one Buffalo Jawbone War Club just below them, using glass seed beads, one bead at a time in the Peyote Stitch, also called the Gourd Stitch.

That concludes the first day tour of my workshop, come back tomorrow for a further tour.

Your comments are welcomed.


Elisabeth said...

Nice job Bob...what a nifty place to work and spend time.

judi said...

Fantastic beginning! If you have a visitor counter on your site don't be alarmed if I show up frequently, I am just admiring your work. Looking forward to tomorrow's tour.

blog with no name said...

Beautiful work! I remember my mother-in-law sewing together feather fans and singing dine' songs... and I would always wind up falling to sleep listening to her sing...