Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cherry Wood Flute #2

My post today is of the Second Cherry Wood Flute that I just finished.

I spent two days carving the Block ( Bird ) out of Tiger Maple, it is an Eagle Head and I liked the Tiger Striping in the grain of the Maple, so I decided to not do a real detailed carving of feathers on the head so the nice patterned grain would show.

The entire Flute is fashioned out of some very nice Cherry Wood and is tuned to the Key of G.

Tiger Maple is a very hard wood and difficult to carve by hand so that is why it took two days to carve.
I used some white buckskin that I had cut in narrow strips for tying the Eagle Head to the flute and hold it down tight

Click on any of the photographs below to enlarge for a better view.

Overall view of the new flute

Close up view of the carved Eagle Head of Tiger Maple

Flute as seen from the end that you blow on

( notice there is some dark showing on the Eagle head and a greenish tint at the very end of the flute, that is from poor lighting while photographing it, there is none of this color on the actual flute )

View of the other side of the carved Eagle Head

Close up view of the carved Tiger Maple Eagle Head

Note the striped pattern of the grain


blog with no name said...

Beautiful job! Did you decide, or did it ask you not to keep carving?

Anonymous said...

just stopping in to say I love your art work :)

Eaglesbrother said...

In answer to the question of keeping on carving...yes it did ask me to continue and I followed as I always do, my hands being guided by the voice of the wood or gourd or whatever it may be.

Carletta said...

Beautiful craftsmanship!
Here and your previous post.