Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Work Shop Tour - Day Two

Today is Day Two of the Work Shop Tour.

Come with me as we walk around the shop looking at different things that reside there.

You may click on a photograph to enlarge for a better view.

I call this one the "Lizard Gourd" because I drew on and wood burned in the Lizard you see here, then cut and inlaid Real Turquoise into the Lizard spine shape, also I cut and inlaid Real Turquoise into the gentle curving line you see on the front of the Gourd, sanded all down flush with the Gourd surface and polished to a glossy finish, and mounted the gourd to a base so it would stand by it's self.

This is my sound system , where I play some good working music , to keep me company and inspire me while working. I play different music ,some is Native music, and some from other CD's, as well as the radio.
Note the Horse on top of the sound system?..it is a piece I carved from Black Walnut.
Also there is a Dance stick I made from a Buffalo (Bison) Rib Bone and did the beading on, and cut and inlaid real Turquoise Diamond shaped pieces into the bone and polished.

This is a Scrimshaw piece I did several years ago , it is done on Plexiglas, and then framed in a nice wood frame.

Scrimshaw is an old Whalers Art...it resembles Pen and Ink Drawings, but is done by actually scribing in all those thousands of lines and then filling in with Ink or Artists Acrylic Paint, to create the picture.

I did this one as a personal challenge...just to see if I could do it..it took several weeks of work to accomplish. It hangs on the wall just above my work bench.

This is a gourd Art I did that I call the "Cougar Gourd" because I drew on a Cougar and wood burned it in...then I made it into a relief carving by carving away all the hard shell from around the Cougar..making it stand out in relief.

The gourd also has another carving on the back side of just the head of a Cougar.

Sitting next to the "Cougar Gourd" is another Gourd that has some very Rare Picasso Marble...which is scenic...a very rare occurrence in the Picasso Marble.

Some more Gourd Art pieces and one 13 inch hand drum covered with Buffalo (Bison) Rawhide and a feather painted on it....also a Gourd Drum that I made, and the "Hawk Flute" I made from Black Walnut,(with a solid Hawks Head carved on the end of it).

On the shelf above...some more Gourd Art..including 3 more with real gemstone inlay.

This is a Gourd I call the "Horse Gourd" because I did a carving of a Horse Head on it after drawing it on and wood burning it in then carving out the areas you see showing in the white..I also drew on and wood burned in designs in the Gourd and carved out the white areas and then cut and inlaid Real Turquoise into several places, and burned in a border around them and colored with leather dye.
This concludes the Tour for Today...come back tomorrow for the Third Day of the Tour.
Feel free to leave comments...and Thank you.


blog with no name said...

I just love your work! True beauty!

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Grace Olsson said...

very nice work shot, dear

BAT Mom said...

I love your beautiful gourds, especially the ones with the turquoise inlay.