Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Wood Flutes 3/17/2010

My post today is of two new flutes I have just completed.

Below are photographs with explanations of each, click on any photograph for a larger and better view of the details.

Black Mesquite Wood flute

Another view of the Black Mesquite wood flute.

This Mesquite Wood flute I made has a One Inch bore and also has a block (Bird ) carved from Aromatic Red Cedar, I followed the grain patterns of the Cedar wood to create what I call a "Wind Spirit" ( see at the bottom of this post for close up details ).
This flute is tuned to the key of E and a 6 hole flute.

Note: Black Mesquite Wood is a rather Rare Exotic Wood, and is Very Hard and close grained, making it very difficult to carve.

This is a block (Bird ) I carved from Aromatic Red Cedar, also I call it a "Wind Spirit", because I followed the grain of the wood which clearly showed me what it wanted to be for the Rambutan Wood Flute that follows below.
This is what one side looks like.

The other side of the "Wind Spirit" on the Rambutan Wood Flute.

This is the Rambutan Wood flute with the" Wind Spirit on it.

Rambutan Wood is a very Exotic Wood from Indonesia.

Rambutan Wood is also very hard and close grained, but has very beautiful wood grain and patterns and is also very difficult to carve.

This Rambutan Wood flute has a One Inch bore and is tuned to the key of E and is a 6 hole flute.

This is the Block ( Bird ) that I carved from Aromatic Red Cedar for the Black Mesquite Wood flute. "Wind Spirit"
I followed the grain patterns on this one also, because it showed me what it would be by the patterns in the wood.
This is the view of one side.

This is the view of the other side of this" Wind Spirit" Block ( Bird ).

Both Blocks ( Birds ) were carved from the same Cedar board which was very figured in grain.

Both Flutes were finished with Tongue Oil, several coats, and as each coat was dry I used OOOO steel wool to make it very smooth before putting on the next coat.

I then put two coats of Paste Wax on top of that and buffed to a high gloss.


judi said...

Wonderful artistry! I would love to hear the difference the woods make in the sounds

blog with no name said...

Really nice flutes! I understand when you say that you were shown, if we listen we hear...

~Cheryl said...

How exquisite! I, too, would love to hear them played.

Judith HeartSong said...

oh they are wonderful!!!!