Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Work Shop Tour-Day Three

Today is Day Three of the Shop Tour, I hope you have enjoyed looking around and seeing some of my work.
Come with me and we shall see some more of what resides in my crowded shop that may interest you.
As usual, click on any photograph to enlarge for a closer look.
This Gourd in the foreground I call the "Buffalo Gourd", it has a Buffalo that I drew on , then wood burned in and to make it stand out, I carved away all the hard shell around the head to make it stand out in relief.

I next cut some Star shaped pieces of real Turquoise and inlaid them into the gourd and sanded them down flush with the gourd surface and polished them to a high gloss.

Sitting next to the Buffalo gourd are two of my Gourd Bowls that I made.

Here are Two Gourd Art pieces, the bottom one has 4 different Eagle pictures on it

Each Eagle picture is different, I drew them on then wood Burned in each and created a Four Directions design on the bottom.

The Gourd on top is a design I came up with that has Feather Fans wood Burned on it, and a symbolic design of the Four directions.

I also cut 8 pieces of real Turquoise and inlaid them into the Gourd.

This is a Black Walnut Flute blank that I have glued up and ready to shape for a new flute.

One of the Flute Racks I made to hold the flutes I make.

Another Flute Rack full of flutes, with the Hawk Flute laying at the bottom.

A close up of the second Flute Rack..showing a bit more detail.

This is a Buffalo (Bison) skull that I made..using a head of a Cow Buffalo that my friend who owns a Buffalo farm gave me.
I skinned it out and fleshed it..followed by boiling off and light bleaching.

This concludes Day Three of the tour of my shop, I hope you enjoyed our tour and come back often to see what I post and leave your comments.


blog with no name said...

Thank you for the tour of your shop! It's been a real treat.

Grace Olsson said...

very nice shot, dear
I like it the last, so much
have a nice day