Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mockingbird Close Up

Close up of Mockingbird
Today's post is of a very friendly Mockingbird that comes around and allows me to watch him and his antics and listen to him singing, which I must say he is very vocal and seems to amuse himself by looking at me while I am looking at him,(grinning know we ARE smarter than the Birds....or are we?).
I am so taken by his beautiful patterns of color that I just had to get close enough to take a good photograph with the 55-300 lens I had on my camera while I was out shooting the other day, he allowed me to walk up to within about 25 feet and snap happily away with him just sitting there posing for me ( I really do believe he enjoys the attention).
Here are the results of the experiment in Bird Portraits which I used a black background on to make the bird stand out and make all the background noise of signs and other distractions disappear. ( here I give credit to Elisabeth for the black background effect)
For a better close up on the photograph to enlarge.

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Elisabeth said...

Wow! What a great shot...perfect. You even got the catch light in his eye. Wonderful. You did really good this time. Congrats.