Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Shower Delights

Passing Spring Shower

House Sparrow with a full Tummy

Yesterday we had a very unexpected Spring Shower. We had gone to town to visit Elisabeth's favorite resale shop and the weather was a warm sunny 86 degrees.

We came out of the resale shop and looked to the East and there was a massive thunderhead of black/blue looking clouds and streaks of rain pouring down from it and lightning flashing.

We came home just ahead of the moving shower and sat on the porch watching the approaching rain, and Elisabeth was taking a few photographs of clouds and the rain coming down. Then as the rain was passing overhead and starting to clear up behind it I saw what I thought was a nice photograph of the passing thunderhead and rain with the sun peeking out between the Blue/Black clouds with the promise of a wonderful sunny remainder of the day.

I sat there after taking the photograph and watched the birds frantically rushing around picking up some stray night crawlers and bugs that had been scurrying around trying to get away from the rain, when I spotted this small House Sparrow happily catching his dinner of worms and jumping up on the log lining the driveway with the worm in his beak, but dropping it and then jumping down to retrieve it and back up on the log only to drop it again...several times this happened until he finally just gobbled it down while down on the ground.

The little House Sparrow eagerly hopped around gathering dinner till his little tummy was full and then jumped back up on the log so proud of himself and decided to pose for me to take his picture. Here is his Portrait, I hope you enjoy it.

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Elisabeth said...

Yesterday was a lovely day...thank you. Neat images.